wai khru

Have You Ever Fought In The Ring

by Parviz Iskenderov |

Tennis star questioned official about actual sport experience.

nathan carnage corbett

“Carnage” Says Fight Training Must Never Stop

by Parviz Iskenderov |

Eleven-time Muay Thai world champion talks about “the end of the world”.

kurt staiti

Kurt Staiti Unique Aussie In World Cup Finals

by Parviz Iskenderov |

Queensland’s super-lightweight faced Russian fighter.

joan smalls boxing

Joan Smalls – Ass Kicking Thai Boxer

by Parviz Iskenderov |

TOP 8 highest-paid model passionate about our sport.

john wayne parr

John Wayne Parr Australian Californication

by Parviz Iskenderov |

Aussie Muay Thai icon headlines California’s Temecula fight night.

walter lara

Walter Lara Battled From Heart

by Parviz Iskenderov |

Australian junior faced a defeated yesterday in Thailand.

nathan carnage corbett

Carnage Perth Seminar Likely This September

by Parviz Iskenderov |

Nathan Corbett may host his Carnage gig in WA capital in three weeks.

yolanda schmidt

Yolanda Schmidt Defeated Thai Chomanee

by Parviz Iskenderov |

The Springbok took the win over Thai fighter in Thailand.

carnage corbett

Nathan Carnage Corbett Launches Video Blog

by Parviz Iskenderov |

Eleven-time Muay Thai world champion has quite a bit to share.

mikaela willigen, ring girl, perth model

Mikaela Willigen Beautifies Yodsanklai vs Tentori

by Parviz Iskenderov |

Top 8 sexiest woman of the month made it beautiful from Round 1 to 5.