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Caley Reece: We are not allowed Thai Boxing talk on Sundays

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 | By Fight Mag

Australia’s best female muay thai fighter Caley Reece who recently fought in Thailand, taking a fight on a short notice, in front of the IOC to help Muay Thai gain recognition into the Olympic games, spoken to about her achievements, present and future plans.

caley reece anna willberg

Prior the fight Caley quoted: ‘This is such an honour and I’m so proud to represent Australia in this historical event.

Her opponent was Magdalena Rak from Poland who is a young and busy fighter with great technique in all her weapons. She has great boxing skills also and fights very much on the front foot.

Though Caley took points decision and quoted: ‘Had a great fight against Magdalena Rak from Poland and won on points. Was good to fight a westerner again. Now for EPIC….. 10 DAYS! What?? Really no more choc milk? When did you start muay thai and what was your motivation ?
Caley Reece: I initially started muay Thai to keep fit, lose weight and from the beginning i fell in love with the sport. It has helped me grow mentally and physically as a person. After my first fight I was hooked and realized that I wanted to set some goals, some big ones , at becoming the best fighter i could possibly be . What is your fight record so far ?
Caley Reece: My fight record is 45 fights 40 wins 5 losses. What was your hardest fight ?
Caley Reece: My hardest fight was probably Valentina Schevchenko from Russia. Not hardest as in work rate. Hardest because she is so tricky, skillful and a southpaw. I fought her in the final at the sport accord games after beating Morocco and Belarus in hard fights!! What is the most memorized in your fighting career ?
Caley Reece: My most memorable moment was winning the World title at 57 kg. I’m Also fighting for the 58.9 World title on 14th April at Epic 5 in Perth, so even thought this has not been fought for yet, this is pretty special for me being able to have the chance to win the two females titles in two different weight divisions, as I don’t think it’s been done before. Tell us about your next challenge and opponent ?
Caley Reece: My fight next weekend is Anna Willberg from Finland who is 55 fights, 45 wins and holds ten different European titles from 59 -67kg so I look forward to the challenge of fighting up a division . Where do you train and getting ready for this fight ?
Caley Reece: I train out of Riddler’s gym in Perth, Western Australia under Darren Reece. When I go to Thailand , I train from Sinbi muay Thai in Phuket. I have a great trainer there who looks after me so well, so I’m extremely grateful to have a great gym away from home. What is your occupation apart of fighting ?
Caley Reece: I gave up full time work two years ago so I could concentrate a lot more in fighting and training. I’m very fortunate that my husband has a very successful gym and we promote big shows together which I do a lot of the behind the scene work for in between training. It can be hard because I am surrounded in muay Thai 24/7 so I have to learn to switch off from it when the time permits. Ie: we are not allowed Thai Boxing talk on Sundays !!! I am going to university when I finish fighting to study psychology so I’m looking forward to doing something completely different. What are your goals and plans for the future ?
Caley Reece: My goals have nearly been fulfilled. I am defending my 57kg title very soon and heading to Thailand for a month again. Depending on whether I win the 58.9kg title in Perth, I would like to defend that and then I think I will be happy in my achievements enough to call it a day! Then off to uni I go. And maybe a baby along the way also!


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