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Komkit vs Hodgers weigh-in with Saenchai

Posted on Saturday, March 8th, 2014 by Parviz Iskenderov

As was previously announced WA Combat Sport Commission didn’t allow Saenchai to compete tonight (Sat 8th March, 2014) in Perth due to Thai not meeting certain criteria. The fight vs Stephen Hodgers was taken on short notice by Komkit Chanawong aka Jak 300.

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Pamorn Martdee promoter of the show put a large effort in promoting this event – Saenchai vs Hodgers – but unfortunately due to some reasons it is now cancelled.

However experienced Komkit with over 300 fights under his belt is promised to be a strong replacement for the bout.

Hodgers is a brave and quite experienced Irishman. Obviously he was training hard and getting ready for Saenchai, so he has a good chance to take over Komkit.

The intrigue is always there. There is also a big difference in the height between Komkit and Hodgers. The weigh-ins were held yesterday.

* Saenchai will still present at the fight night as a special guest and will present the trophies to the winner and should be available for photos and photographs.

The fight night is held at Kingsway Indoor Stadium, City of Wanneroo.

Photo credit Brock Doe

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